Account creation guide

Welcome to irex.

Let's get started by clicking New Account button.

If you do not have any EOS account and want to create new one, go to "New Account". f:id:atcoin:20181123125857p:plain

Step1 Choose Network and account name


① Choose network which you create account on

② Choose account name

Account name consists of 12 characters, and you can use lower-case alphabet or number 1-5. You cannot choose same account name already taken.

Step2 Provide Public Keys

f:id:atcoin:20181123131304p:plain Please provide public keys of your account.

Irex automatically provides public keys generated on your browser but you can re-generate them by clicking "Renew key pairs".

Private keys are downloaded to your device on Step3.

Also you can use own created key pairs.

Step3 Confirmation


Please confirm information about your account creation.

If there aren't any problem, click "Register" and download of json file which contains your key pairs automatically begin.

Irex never save your private keys from the perspective of security so we cannot restore them.

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