Key pair guide book

How to download key pairs? When you generate key pairs on irex and create account, file download starts automatically. ※ Press "Create" and json file will be downloaded. *Content of file After opening the download file, it will be as follo…


まだEOSのアカウントをお持ちでない方はアカウントを作成してみましょう。 アカウント作成は"新規作成"から行えます。 Step1 ネットワークの選択とアカウント名の決定 ①ネットワークを選択してください。 Mainnet→本番のEOSネットワーク上のアカウントを作成…

Account creation guide

Welcome to irex. Let's get started by clicking New Account button. If you do not have any EOS account and want to create new one, go to "New Account". Step1 Choose Network and account name ① Choose network which you create account on ② Cho…

What does irex stand for?

"I" means "Infrastructure" and "REX" means "Resource Exchange". We named this service with a hope that irex become a infrastructure of EOSIO ecosystem and contribute to decentralization of the world.

Under what conditions, will notification be sent?

Any of the usage rate(RAM/CPU/NET) reaches to 70%, irex will send notification. If the account has already received notification within 12hours, notification will be skipped.

Does irex support Test net?

Yes, we support CryptoKylin-Testnet. However please note below. We do not support resource providing service (Because you can get it with free) Monitoring system might be unstable on Test net.

Is there any limitation for number of mail address for notification?

Currently we do not set a limit.

What is follow / unfollow?

Follow means registering existing address to irex which isn't created via irex. If you unfollow an account, information will not be displayed on your account list. You can follow again the account any time you want. Please make sure to can…