How can I be sure account is only under my control?

As long as you you keep your private key safe, no one can touches your account. We never save user's private key, even if you create account using irex.

What is the safest way to create my key pair for the account?

Our recommendation is using Cleos which provided by EOSIO administrator. Key pairs provided when user create account via irex is generated by using Cleos. We never save key pair to our server so you needn't to have any anxiety on that poin…

What is minimum requirement for RAM per an account?

Every account on EOS is required to hold RAM equivalent to 4KB of Memory.

Does it cost to create EOS account?

Yes. You have to buy some RAM token because every account on EOSIO have to hold RAM token equivalent to 4KB of Memory. The price will change according to EOS and RAM price. At 10/10/2018, it is about $2.00.

Quick start guide of EOSIO

EOSIO EOSIO*1 has some features which are confusing to developer familiar to ethereum. Therefore we introduce you compact guide of EOSIO platform. Account System On Bitcoin and Ethereum, account is nothing but pair of private and public ke…