About account monitoring & notification service

irex will monitor available resources of your EOS account, and send notification in resource shortage.

Monitored resources are 'Net bandwidth', 'CPU bandwidth', 'RAM', 'EOS token balance'.

If you want to know more about Net bandwidth, CPU bandwidth and RAM, please refer Quick start guide of EOSIO

When notification will be sent

Net/CPU bandwidth

irex will send notification if each usage exceeds 60% of limit.


Notification will sent if usage is expected to exceeds 100% of limit in 24 hours.

We need data for the last some days to make prediction. So it takes at least 24 hours to enable notification after you registered EOS account

EOS token

Notification will sent if EOS token balance is below specified threshold.

By default, threshold is 0 EOS and notification is disabled. You can change threshold value in setting page of your EOS account.